Apprentice School

Brian Gregg (for Detroit area)
John Ortquist (for Mid Michigan area)


Welcome to the Roofers Local #149 Apprentice Schools. We have two Apprenticeship Schools, one located in Oak Park serving the Detroit area and one located in Clio serving the Mid Michigan area.

Our schools are jointly funded and trusted programs between Labor and Management ensuring that the schools stay at the forefront of the of the latest innovations in roofing technology.

The schools invite any and all Roof and Waterproofing System Manufacturers to present their products and latest developments in their systems to both our contractors and students. Therefore the customers get the most up to date roof system application they choose for their building.

Classes are held at our state of the art schools providing students with classroom and hands on training. Thats right! Our students are not just taught the science behind what they do everyday, they learn how to apply what they’ve learned on actual roof mock ups. Our instructors, and Contractor foremen aid in the practical applications, so they are done correctly before they are on a customers facility.

Along with the regular curriculum our instructors also teach Unionism, First Aid, Journey Person Upgrades, and OSHA 10 & 30 classes-just to name a few. Our Apprentices aren’t the only ones going to school, our instructors also attend a program called “Train the Trainer” provided by our International Union, where they learn updated curriculum, exchange information, class ideas, and discuss the changes  needed to keep our schools at the forefront in educating the men and women of Roofers Local #149

This is just a small example of what keeps us ahead of our competition and among the best Roofers and Waterproof in the world.


The Curriculum


Monday 6:30-8:30: App. 2 & EPDM
Tuesday 6:30-8:30: App 1 & PVC & TPO
Wednesday: BUR 1 & App 3 & 5
Thursday: BUR 2 & App 4 & 6

Mid Michigan

Wednesday 6:00-8:00: Single Ply
Thursday  6:00-8:00: Built Up